Pediatric Urology International

Mission statement: A network of providers and charitable organizations to provide Pediatric Urologic care to those that many be financially less fortunate than ourselves.

This includes care for those locally in Arizona and the United States as well as for children brought from less-developed countries for Pediatric Urologic care that they may not be able to receive at home. In addition, this organization includes sponsorhsip of Pediatric Urologic medical mission teams going abroad to provide care and education.

Medical care is expensive. While physicians are often able to donate time and services relatively less expensively, hospitals tend to provide relatively expensive services with high fixed-costs. Thus, hospitals often run on tight profit margins, and may be prohibited or constrained from providing unlimited charitable care; even non-profit hospitals. It is our hope that Pediatric Urology International funds will bridge this gap and allow hospital services to be purchased at cost to provide care to those that may not be insured or covered by safety net programs. We thank you for your support!!!

For each dollar contributed toward Pediatric Urology International by patients and families, Arizona Pediatric Urology, PC will match those dollar for dollar (some restrictions may apply).